What You Can Do When Your iPhone Face ID Is Not Working Suddenly

”I like to unlock my iPhone with Face ID since it is convenient, but it suddenly stops working, how to fix this problem?” Today, biometric identifications are not news anymore. We can pay bills, visit museums, and more with our faces and fingerprints. iPhone X and above are equipped with a TrueDepth camera system to unlock your device with Face ID. This piece of troubleshooting helps you understand how to fix iPhone Face ID not working.

How to Fix iPhone Face ID Not Working

Part 1. Why iPhone Face ID Not Working

Since Face ID requires both software and the camera, either could be the cause when the feature malfunctions. Before starting troubleshooting the issue, let's look at the possible reasons:

1. Face ID is not available currently. For example, you just restart your iPhone.

2. Your face or the camera is blocked.

3. Your iPhone has not been unlocked for more than 48 hours.

4. The software is outdated.

5. The Emergency SOS mode is active.

6. Your iPhone is locked by Find My iPhone remotely.

Part 2. How to Fix iPhone Face ID Not Working

Solution 1: Clean the TrueDepth Camera Sensor

TrueDepth Camera

Apple's TrueDepth camera sensor is on the top of your iPhone. When Face ID is not working on your handset, the first thing you can do is clean your camera with a soft, dry cloth or cotton swab. Bear in mind that Face ID is only available on iPhone X/XR/XS/XS Max and iPhone 11 or older.

Solution 2: Check Face ID Settings

As a security measure feature, you need to set up Face ID on your iPhone X/11/12 and later. Otherwise, it won't work. Moreover, you can decide where to use Face ID or not in the Settings app.

Face ID Settings Step 1Scroll down in the Settings app, and head to Face ID & Passcode. Step 2If you see the Reset Face ID option, it means the feature is already set up. Otherwise, press Set up Face ID and follow the instructions to complete it. Step 3Locate the USE FACE ID FOR section. Make sure to toggle on the iPhone Unlock option and other desired items. Step 4To use Face ID for third-party apps, tap Other Apps, and turn them on the list. Now, try Face ID again.

Solution 3: Take off Your Mask and Glasses

Face ID with Mask

Since iOS 15.4 and iPhone 12, Apple added the Face ID with a Mask feature. Plus, Apple designed Face ID to work with glasses, contact lenses, hats, scarves, and a part of sunglasses. Open your Settings app, tap Face ID & Passcode, and turn on Face ID with a Mask. Then follow the instructions to set it up.

If you wear glasses, tap Add Glasses on the Face ID & Passcode settings screen, and complete the setup process. Bear in mind that iPhone Face ID is not available for most polarized sunglasses.

If you are not using iPhone 12 or later running iOS 15.4 and above, take off any block when using Face ID.

Solution 4: Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes, your iPhone gets stuck in a specific mode or is full of cache. That makes Face ID stop working on your iPhone. Although a restart is the most basic fix for many issues, it is worth trying.

Restart iPhone Step 1Hold down the Side button until you enter the power-off screen. Move the slider to the right side. Or go to the Settings app, tap General, and then Shut Down. Step 2Wait for a few minutes, and then long-press the Side button until you see the Apple logo. Unlock your iPhone with your passcode. Now, the Face ID should work.

Solution 5: Update the Software

Apple frequently updates iOS to fix bugs and improve the software as well as the built-in features. If the security feature works abnormally, such as Face ID moving a little lower on your iPhone, you'd better up software to date.

Update Software Step 1Open the Settings app, go to the General tab, and tap Software Update. Step 2Tap the Download and Install button if there is an update available. If prompted, enter your passcode or Apple ID password. Then install the latest version of iOS. Step 3Try Face ID again and it should work now.

Solution 6: Set up an Alternate Appearance

How many Face ID on iPhone 11 and other models? With iOS 12 and above, you can have up to two Face IDs on your iPhone. Therefore, setting up an additional Face ID may help the biometric recognition feature perform better.

Face ID Alternate Appearance Step 1Go to the Face ID & Passcode tab in your Settings app. If prompted, enter your passcode. Step 2Tap the Set Up an Alternate Appearance option. Step 3Then the Face ID setup screen will pop up. Tap Get Started and follow the instructions to add another Face ID on your iPhone.

Solution 7: Reset Face ID

When your iPhone says Face ID is not available or not working, resetting this feature could help. That removes all current using Face IDs so that you can set it up again with your passcode.

Reset Face ID Step 1Head to Face ID & Passcode in your Settings app. When prompted, enter your passcode. Step 2Press the Reset Face ID button and wait for the process to complete. Step 3Next, tap Set Up Face ID on the Face ID & Password settings screen, and follow the instructions to set it up again.

Solution 8: One-stop Way to Fix Face ID Not Working

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Here are the steps to fix Face ID not working on your iPhone:

Step 1Connect to your iPhone

Run the best iPhone unlocking software once installed on your computer. Choose the Wipe Passcode mode, connect your iPhone to the same computer with a USB cable, and hit the Start button.

Choose Wipe Passcode Mode Step 2Check the information

After scanning your device, you will be presented with the Info screen. Check the information and make sure that everything is right. Hit the Start button to download indispensable firmware.

Download Firmware Package Step 3Remove the screen lock

When the download finishes, click the Unlock button, enter 0000 into the box, and hit the Unlock button again. Wait for your iPhone to reboot and you can set up Face ID.

Unlock iPhone Passcode

Part 3. FAQs on How to Fix iPhone Face ID Not Working

How much does it cost to fix Face ID on iPhone?

The cost of fixing the Face ID camera would be $399 if your device is out of warranty.

Can water damage cause Face ID not to work?

Once water is damaged, there might be electricity leakage that can result in Face ID failure.

Can I use my iPhone without Face ID?

Yes, using Face ID on your iPhone is just optional.


The troubleshooting has discussed how to fix iPhone Face ID not working. Although the facial recognition feature is convenient, it does not always work perfectly. When you encounter the same problem, you can resolve it by following our solutions. imyPass iPassGo is the ultimate way to get rid of Face ID errors. If you have other troubles with Face ID, please write them down below this post.