Remove Password from iPhone - Safest Accessible Techniques for All

Removing a password from an iPhone can be a convenient way to access your device whenever you turn it on quickly. Still, it's essential to understand the security implications before you do. This guide will take you to turn off the passcode and explain what features you might lose. In addition, we will also provide a tutorial from an expert tool to help you remove the screen passcode and Apple ID without needing a passcode for them.

Remove Password from iPhone

Part 1: Remove Password from iPhone Using Settings, iCloud Find My, or Finder

1. Settings App

Turning off the passcode on your iPhone offers a faster way to unlock your device, but it's a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. This default method removes a core security layer protecting your data and privacy. While convenient, anyone with physical access to your phone can access your messages, photos, emails, and other apps.

Turn OFF Passcode Settings

To turn off your iPhone's passcode, open the Settings app. Then, depending on your model, follow one of these steps: If your iPhone has Face ID, tap Face ID & Passcode. Tap Touch ID & Passcode if it has a Home button. Once you're in the correct menu, locate and tap the option Turn Passcode Off.

2. iCloud Find My

This method remotely removes your iPhone's passcode through iCloud's Find My service, and you can even remove iCloud from your iPhone without a password. It's a drastic solution ideal for situations where you've forgotten your passcode entirely or your phone has been lost or stolen. However, it's important to remember that erasing your iPhone wipes all your data and settings.

iCloud Find My

Head over to on a browser on any device you use and sign in with your Apple ID and password. Once logged in, locate Find My to see a list of your Apple devices connected with the account. Choose the iPhone you want to erase. A window will emerge with details about your iPhone. Click the option labeled Erase iPhone.

3. Finder App or iTunes

Removing your iPhone passcode using iTunes or Finder is a nuclear option. It erases all your data and sets your iPhone to its factory-fresh state. This method is ideal if you still need to remember your passcode or your phone needs to be more responsive.

Finder App iTunes

Connect your iOS device to a computer you've previously synced it with. Launch iTunes if you use an old version of MacOS or Finder for MacOS Catalina later. If prompted, enter your computer's password. Once recognized, click Restore iPhone to initiate the process of erasing your iPhone and removing the forgotten passcode.

Part 2: Easily Remove Password Restrictions & Apple ID When You Forget It

imyPass iPassGo claims to be a powerful iOS unlocking tool for Windows and Mac. It can bypass forgotten iPhone passcodes and remove Apple IDs quickly and securely. Simply operating the app makes removing the password and Apple ID even easier. Since we promised to provide steps to remove Apple ID from an iPhone without a password and the password on a locked iPhone, here are the steps you need. But first, you will need to download the software's latest version on your Windows or Mac, open it once installed, and follow the method you want.

How to Remove iPhone Password:

Step 1

Once it is launched, go to Wipe Passcode from the options on your screen. Then, link your locked iOS to the computer, where you download it via a charging cable.

Open Wipe Passcode
Step 2

Check the device category, type, model, and iOS version to ensure that the firmware package that will be installed is suitable for your device version, and then click Start to begin.

Confirm Device Model
Step 3

When the firmware is installed, click the Unlock button, and a critical notification will appear on your screen. Enter the 0000 to confirm the removal process and wait until the process is done.

Unlock iOS Password

How to Remove Apple ID Without Password:

Step 1

Open the app, go to the Remove Apple ID mode, connect the iOS device from which you want to remove the Apple ID to the computer with your cable, and click Start.

Open Remove Apple ID
Step 2

If Find My iPhone is disabled, the process will go direct, but if not, you will need to turn it off by going to Settings, General, and tapping Reset All Settings. If you use a newer version, use Settings, Apple ID, and Password & Security to turn the authentication. Enter the 0000 to unlock.

Unlock iOS Device


  • Is it safe to remove the passcode from my iPhone?

    It depends on your priorities. Removing the passcode offers faster access but weakens security. Anyone with physical access to your phone can access your data.

  • What if I forget my passcode after removing it?

    To regain access, you'll need to erase your iPhone, losing all your data. This is why it's crucial to remember your passcode or have a backup before removing it. If you have forgotten your Apple ID password, ask for assistance from Apple support.

  • Does removing the password from the iPhone require erasing all data?

    No, since there is a step wherein you can turn off the password via Settings. When you use this method, you can turn off the password on your iPhone without erasing any bits of your data stored on the device.

  • How to make passwords strong on iPhones?

    Forget using birthdays or pet names since these are easily guessed. Instead, let your iPhone create a random password for you, or you can use a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. The longer and more complex, the better!

  • What can iCloud Keychain do?

    iCloud Keychain is a safe digital wallet for your iPhone, iPad, or Mac since it can remember passwords, credit cards, and Wi-Fi codes, so you don't have to do it. Plus, it can even suggest strong passwords to make your account extra secure, and you can even move the information between all your Apple devices so you always have it with you.


How do I remove my password from my iPhone? You can do it by turning off the password in settings since it is the primary option available. However, if you cannot access your iPhone due to a forgotten password, you can now use iCloud Find My and the Finder or iTunes. Professionally, you can use the imyPass iPassGo to solve this problem since it can handle it like a pro. Knowing that it can unlock a device with almost a 100 percent guarantee! So, if you want to get the app right now, you can click the above download button and learn how to use it using the tutorial we have added to this article!

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